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Service Record: About

Let Service Record automatically keep track of all your field ministry details!

Service Record Screen Shot Service Record is a Microsoft Windows application that keeps track of your hours spent in the field ministry, the number of magazines, books, and brochures placed, and the number of return visits and studies held. Service Record has the ability to handle multiple users, print out totals, generate graphs, and much more! Service Record allows you to track records for any day from 1970 onward. All records are stored in a database allowing for easy reference to past months.

Version 5.x is a completely new release. It has been redesigned from the ground-up to be a more intuitive, modern program. I hope you agree it is a major improvement over the previous generation of Service Record releases.

Service Record is distributed as a shareware software product. This gives you the ability to try out the program before you pay for it, thus allowing you to see if it fits your specific needs. If you find the program useful, you are asked to register the product. Registering Service Record gets you a registration "code" that removes the opening wait screen on this and ALL FUTURE VERSIONS of Service Record. Once you register, there is no need to register again!

This program will be of interest only to Jehovah's Witnesses.

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