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What Is Shareware?

Shareware is a form of try-before-you-buy software. Why should you give shareware a chance? The advantages are best realized when shareware software is compared to commercial, store-bought software:

  • Written by smaller companies, oftentimes by a single individual. This gives you the ability to speak to the author directly when you need support.
  • Relatively inexpensive. While most commercial packages can be $50 or more, many shareware packages are available for $10 to $25.
  • Submit your suggestions directly to the programmer. See your ideas implemented!
  • Updated versions are released relatively often.
  • See if the product will fit your needs before making an investment.

The goal behind shareware software is to provide you with an opportunity to try out software before you actually pay for it. This completely eliminates the risk of buying a program that is of no use to you.

Shareware, however, is not free software. If you find a program that is useful to you, you are encouraged to "register" with the authors. By sending in a nominal fee, you are giving your support to the author and encouraging future development. Without registrations, high-quality try-before-you-buy software couldn't exist!

At Savard Software, we offer something that many companies do not: free upgrades! As a registered user, you are entitled to unlimited upgrades to the product you registered. There will never be a need to register the same product twice... guaranteed!

The evaluation period for our software is 30 days. If, after that time, you do not wish to register, you are asked to remove the software from your computer. We realize that there are people who do not use their computer enough to give a full evaluation within the 30 day period. For this reason, our software does not disable itself after the evaluation period is over.

If you have any other questions concerning our policies or about shareware software in general, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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