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Service Record: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I transfer my data to a new computer?

    • On the old computer, start Service Record and click File, Back Up
    • Transfer the resulting SRZ file to the new computer
    • Install Service Record on the new computer
    • Start Service Record on the new computer and click File, Restore
    • Select the SRZ file you transferred from the old computer

  2. I installed a new version and my data is missing!

    This can happen if the new version is installed in a different folder from the old version. Normally the Service Record installer forces you to install it in the same folder when you upgrade. However, if you manually moved the previous version to a different folder, or if you manually installed the previous version (by copying it from another computer), you may have problems. The program should never be manually moved or installed.

    The good news is your data is probably still on your computer. Carefully following the steps below may help you get your data out of the "old" version and into the new one:

    • Close Service Record if it is running.
    • Search your computer for a file called ServiceRecord.exe -- you will probably have two (or more).
    • Open each one you find, one at a time, until you find the one that has your data.
    • When you find that one, use the File/Back Up command to save your data to a backup archive (SRZ) file. I suggest saving it to the desktop so you can find it easier.
    • Now start the new Service Record using the icon in the Start menu. Verify it is the latest version in the Help/About screen.
    • Use the File/Restore command and open the backup archive (SRZ) file you put on your desktop and you can restore your data into the new version.
    • Once that is complete you can delete the backup archive on your desktop.

    Again, the best practice is to never manually move or manually install any software. You should always download the installer and use that to put Service Record on your computer.

    To help prevent things like this from happening, version 5.5 (and later) stores your data in a separate location from the program.

  3. I'm currently using version 5.x. How do I upgrade to the latest version? Do I have to import my data again?

    You don't have to import when upgrading from version 5.0 or higher to a newer version of Service Record. Simply install the new version in the same location as your current version.

    DO NOT uninstall the current version before upgrading. If you uninstall, it is assumed you no longer want to use the program and your data will be deleted. Just install the new one and it will upgrade your version.

  4. Will Service Record be translated into different languages?

    We have had many people offer to translate Service Record into various languages. We're very interested in this, but Service Record is not currently set up to support other languages. We hope to improve Service Record in the future so that different languages can be more easily supported. For now we cannot accept offers for doing translations.

  5. Are you ever going to make a version for the BlackBerry, iPhone, or other PDA? Or for Linux or Mac OS X?

    At this time we do not develop software for platforms other than Windows.

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