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11/8/2002: Service Record 5.1 released.

  • Fixed a bug introduced in version 5.0.4 that may cause records to be duplicated. This would result in your monthly totals being too high. Version 5.1 will detect these duplicate records and remove them automatically.
  • Added a “Manage Studies” tab to the user window. From here you can see all of your studies, add new studies, and check to see what dates you studied with each person. More features will probably be added to the Study Manager in future versions.
  • Added a “Time Calculator” similar to what Service Record 4 had. When you go to enter your time, click the small calculator button to bring up the Time Calculator. Enter the starting time and stopping time and press OK. Service Record will calculate the difference and add it to the time entry field. (Service Record adds the time instead of replaces it so you can use the Time Calculator more than once to add multiple time spans.)
  • Added an option to slightly increase the screen font. Note that some screen elements (like on the Chart or Review) will still use the default font.
  • Service Record will now remember the last Range selection and use it automatically when you reopen your user. This applies only to when you use the Range dropdown menu, not when you manually select the starting and stopping months. Now you can choose “This Service Year” for example and the setting will stick.
  • Made some other user interface refinements and enhancements.

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