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8/1/1998: Master Converter 2.0 released.

This is a major new version and we recommend that everyone download this as soon as possible. Here's a small list of what you'll find new in version 2.0:
  • Now over 550 units in 29 categories.
  • New Office 97-style toolbar.
  • New ability to add your own categories or to add your own units to existing categories.
  • New "search" feature which helps you locate a unit or category by doing a substring search.
  • New "expression" feature: you can enter expressions like (4*5)/10+2.5 in the Input Field.
  • Improved localization: Master Converter now understands your thousands separator and decimal character instead of defaulting to the U.S. comma and period.
  • You can now choose between "Gauge" and "Absolute" in the pressure category. (The difference between the two is one atmosphere.)
  • Much improved decimal-to-fraction algorithm.
  • New ability to customize what program is launched via the "Reference / Calculator" menu.

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