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1/14/2009: Service Record 5.5 released.

  • Changed the location of user data files for better compatibility with Vista and future versions of Windows. The data files will automatically be moved the first time you start Service Record. Note that the new location is specific to each Windows user logon; one Windows user will not have access to another Windows user's data. You still have the option of creating multiple Service Record users in each Windows logon.
  • Completed the online help file.
  • Added options to turn off the user panel and the main toolbar.
  • Added an option to use small icons in the user panel. This may be useful if you have a large number of users set up.
  • Changed the Goal calculations so that when the number of days remaining is calculated, the current day is not included if you already have time recorded on that day.
  • Added a File / Open menu as another way to open users.
  • Added keyboard accelerators to make keyboard navigation easier.
  • Added a Find feature so you can easily search your Notes.
  • Added the ability to insert the current date into the Notes field.
  • Removed the Study Report slip.
  • Changed the Review so that uncommon fields (subscriptions, tracts, miscellaneous) are not displayed when there is no data in those fields (all zeros).
  • Changed the Review so that the user name is now included at the top.
  • Added a right-click Edit popup menu to the Notes, Service Report, Chart, and Review screens.
  • Added an option to copy the Chart to the Windows clipboard.
  • Changed the "Show Deleted Studies" option so that it automatically turns off when you restart Service Record.
  • Changed the behavior of the up/down buttons on the time fields. Previously the up/down buttons would add/subtract 15 minutes from the currently entered time. Now it changes the time to the next or previous quarter hour mark. (For example, pressing up when "2:25" was displayed used to simply add 15 minutes and change it to "2:40". Now pressing up will change it to the next quarter hour mark, "2:30".)
  • Other minor interface changes and code improvements.

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