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TurboLaunch: Key Features

  • Fully configurable buttons provide single-click access to all of your favorite programs. No more navigating through the countless cascading menus in the Start Button!
  • The number of rows and columns of buttons can be customized to suit your specific needs.
  • Buttons can be organized into groups, and they can be resized for greater visibility or to save valuable screen space.
  • Each button can be configured to run any program, document, shortcut, folder, or drive.
  • Buttons may be configured to perform certain pre-programmed actions, such as rebooting the system, activating the screen saver, shutting down, and more.
  • Network connections (such as the Internet or a VPN connection) can be established and disconnected.
  • A Shortcut Key can be assigned to a button for extremely rapid launching with just a quick keyboard command.
  • Comprehensive online help and an uninstall option.

Advanced Features

  • Automatic extraction of a program's default icon for use as a picture on the button.
  • The icon used as the picture on a button is fully configurable: any icon out of any file may be used!
  • Objects such as programs, documents, shortcuts, folders, or drives may be dropped onto any button to quickly configure TurboLaunch.
  • Parameters, working folders, window styles, and descriptions are completely configurable.
  • A Shortcut Key can be assigned to a button for extremely rapid launching with just a quick keyboard command.
  • 16-bit Windows programs may be run in separate memory spaces for greater multitasking efficiency and crash protection.
  • Dynamic Parameter tokens lets you specify all or part of a parameter at the time you click the button.
  • "Drop 'n Launch" feature allows you to set up a button so that when a file is dropped on it, the program assigned to that button is started with that file.
  • Configuration information is stored in the Registry, allowing each Windows user to have their own TurboLaunch configuration.
  • The configuration can be password-protected to keep unauthorized users from making any changes!
  • Icon information is automatically cached for rapid starting of TurboLaunch.
  • "Roll Up When Not Active" option reduces the size of the TurboLaunch window when it is not active.
  • "Prevent Double Runs" option stops accidental double-clicks on buttons from launching the button twice.
  • Many, many more options not listed here!
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